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Minecraft 1.5, Server Stability and More!

21 Mar 2013 10:45 PM | Deano in Minecraft

Just to let everyone know we are now running Minecraft 1.5. So if you have not done so, you can now update your clients and play on our server.


Over the recent months, we have noticed a few server stability issues along with finding some bugs, that we can just not iron out. To fix these issues and restore stability we have ordered another server box to add to our network.


We are going to use the new box to rebuild the Minecraft server, bit by bit. This allows us to make sure we have the latest versions of all the software we use, along with allowing us to reconfigure every plugin we use. Doing this on a new server will not only reduce any downtime but will also allow us to then clean up the old server and use it for other fun features such as Hunger Games and SkyBlock.

All this costs more money, so the donation bar has been adjusted accordingly. We do make it so you can play on our server without paying any money, but if you do donate, you get some really awesome perks and it allows us to continue to run and develop the server. Don't forget though that you can get FREE in-game bonuses and store credit just by using the vote links on the right hand side of the home page.


As soon as we have things running stable again you can expect some more changes and updates. Each of these updates will have their own announcement as they are implemented.


  • - New lobby and tutorial. (Almost finished)
  • - Merge the 2 towny worlds into 1 brand new world.
  • - Remove the old nether.
  • - Add a new nether for Towny.
  • - Add a new nether for Factions.
  • - Add Hunger games world / server.
  • - Add SkyBlock world / server.


Thanks for your continued support and patience.

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Minecraft 1.5 Soon - Do Not Update!

12 Mar 2013 07:14 PM | Deano in Minecraft

We have been led to believe that Minecraft 1.5 will be released within the next few days.   KoolSource will have to wait for a stable release of bukkit and update the majority of our plugins before moving to 1.5. This can take as long as 2 weeks,...

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Important Information

15 Feb 2013 10:10 AM | Deano in Minecraft

Some time this Sunday (17/02/2012) the server will be taken offline for 1-2 hours as we will be making some changes which will be outlined below. We will try to keep the downtime to a minimum and will try and announce a time slot ASAP.   1. We wil...

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Town + Nation Upkeep (Taxes)

01 Feb 2013 02:25 AM | Deano in Minecraft

We are enabling town and nation upkeep tonight. So this is a warning to make sure all town owners have money in their town banks.

We will be starting off the upkeep quite low and as people get used to it over the next few weeks we will incre...

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12/12/12 Special Deals

12 Dec 2012 12:33 AM | Deano in Minecraft

Starting from the creation of this post you can now get 36% (12+12+12, get it?) off all minecraft packages from our store.

This offer is available until 11:59pm(GMT) 13th December 2012.

All you have to do is use the coupon c...

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Halloween Build-Off

29 Oct 2012 12:21 AM | Deano in Competitions

KoolSource Presents The Halloween Build-off IP:- koolsource.com___________________________________________________________________________
The goal of the Halloween Build-off is to design the best Halloween themed town...

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Guild Wars 2 Overview

27 Aug 2012 11:14 PM | Andraste in Other

Guild Wars 2 is a new MMO that will be released by NCsoft and ArenaNet August 28th. It is not a game which requires a monthly subscription, but a one-time purchase that utilizes microtransactions.

I participated in the first and third beta...

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